Born in Soverato in Calabria in 1991. He began his studies as a casting director in the world of cinema, alternating between Italy and America. In 2011 he cultivated his passion for the world of social media: the business of the future.

Today, after years of experience, he manages more than 100 accounts on instagram including: footballers, national and international celebrities, influencers, bloggers, DJs, restaurants and companies.

During COVID-19 he supported the San Donato group and humanitas in collaboration with one of the biggest fashion brands.


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Di cosa si occupa un
Social media manager do?

Mainly deals with the management, growth and monetization of a social profile.

The advantages of having a social media manager are: we will work together on a curated and ad hoc strategy for your Instagram page and you will be able to take advantage of some of my extra services made available by my team made up only of experts in the sector.


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The Avengers of the Web

Join the Iron Guys, the official telegram group of Alessandro Riggio, here you can discuss anything you want.

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